Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Labrador Dog Art Pearl: ASPCA Dog of the Year

Labrador Art ASCPA Dog of the Year By Cori Solomon
Pearl: ASPCA Dog of the Year
By Cori Solomon

This framed collage honors Pearl, ASPCA Dog of the Year for 2010. Pearl was rescued from a shelter and was trained to become a search and rescue dog for victims of natural disasters. Pearl and her handler Ron Horetski were one of the teams sent to both Haiti and Japan.

After writing several articles about Pearl and more recently the canine team that she was part of in Japan, it was befitting that I created a drawing of her. The background of this collage represents the rubble that she traversed to try and find survivors of disasters as those in both Haiti and Japan.

To Learn more about Pearl click here.

Size: 19.5 x 23.5


30% of the proceeds to benefit Search Dog Foundation

For those of you not familiar with the Search Dog Foundation, they seek out shelter dogs and train them to become search and rescue dogs. In turn these dogs save the lives of humans who are the victims of natural disasters.

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